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A monument to three generations of volunteers


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In 2018, in commemoration of the centenary of the restoration of the state of Lithuania and in order to honour the participants of the Independence Struggles, it was decided to erect a monument in the town square of Jieznas dedicated to three generations of military volunteers: the volunteers of the Independence Struggles in 1918-1920, the partisans of the armed anti-Soviet resistance in 1944-1953, and from 1990 for military volunteers who joined the national defence.

On the 10th February, 2021, the Commander of the National Defence Volunteer Forces, Colonel Dainius Pasvenskas, the Mayor of Prienai District Municipality, Alvydas Vaicekauskas, the Elder of Jieznas town Algis Bartusevicius, and the author of the monument, Reserve Senior Lieutenant Nerijus Treinys, a heraldic specialist of the Chancellery of the Lithuanian Armed Forces, signed a letter for future generations, which was placed in a capsule and buried in the foundations of the monument.

On the 23rd of June, 2021, a monument dedicated to three generations of Lithuanian military volunteers was unveiled in Jieznas’ Independence Square. The three lowered swords symbolize the memory of the fighting spirit and at the same time remind us that we are ready to pick them up at any time and defend our Independence again.

The opening ceremony was attended by the Commander of the Lithuanian Armed Forces General Valdemaras Rupsys, Member of the Seimas Reserve Lieutenant General Arvydas Pocius and other honourable guests.

Funds for the monument were provided by military volunteers and the Lithuanian society, the Prienai District Municipality renovated the Independence Square of Jieznas and adjusted the spaces for visitors, the commander of the 2nd squad of the Darius and Girėnas district of the Lithuanian army, lieutenant colonel Vaidas Vasiliauskas, organized the production of the monument. Lieutenant Colonel Vaidas Vasiliauskas, the commander of the 2nd Territorial Unit of the Darius and Girenas Military District of the Lithuanian Army, organized the production works of the monument.

The author is artist Nerijus Treinys